Anne Ryan Miller

Brown County

Anne Ryan Miller Glass Studio
Stained glass and metalwork
Studio and art shows

“There is a mystical quality to glass. The mood of each piece changes as the sun and seasons change the natural light. Sometimes it is very active, at other times seemingly reflective and passive. You might never tire of a piece of glass hung in natural light. It will appear different each time you see it. It will constantly offer a new view.”

Anne studied environmental education and ecology at the University of Michigan. Her education helped her discover the wonder of the natural world and instilled in her a deep concern for the well-being of the planet. “The work I have been doing in the flat glass medium expresses my deep love for the natural world,” she says. “Rather than expressing the negative qualities that represent what is transpiring in the natural world, I choose to work with and remind us all of the ethereal and the beautiful, the mysterious and the subtle aspects of nature.”

For more than 25 years ago, Anne has practiced her stained glass craft in Brown County, a place of “amazingly soft, sensual beauty.” There she delights in knowing her customers and being inspired by the endless natural beauty that surrounds her.

To better express the complexities and detail found in nature, Anne developed a multi-layered copper overlay technique. She also uses a copperfoil construction technique to build her work. As light diffuses around the back of the metal, it gives the glass a shadowy, misty effect that was inspired by the hazy hills and shadowy woodlands of Brown County.

Although she designs her windows and lamps using many motifs and styles, her favorite art form is Japanese art. “I am so drawn to the utter simplicity with which the Japanese artists have been able to express the complex nature of life,” she says. “I try to emulate the way in which they honor the power, beauty, fragility, and mystery of nature.”