Laura Avery

Hamilton County

Hamilton County
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A quick interview with Laura:

How many years have you been working in your craft?

Seven years

How did you get started and what prompted you to begin? 

I got started by taking a glass class in Fort Wayne, IN with a friend. I loved all the different designs and colors that you can make with glass and knowing that when you open the kiln, your art piece is one of a kind.  This love and ability prompted me to begin to see what other creations I was capable of.

What about your craft inspires you?

Making glass art inspires me because I love all of the vibrant colors, my appreciation of texture, and fascination of dimensional and structural art forms.  Most of my designs are influenced by contemporary and modern imagery.

What makes your work authentic and original?

My works of art are all uniquely designed custom to each individual for their home, business, or any special event in their life. I use my innovative ideas on design mixed with my client’s vision and create beautiful one-of-a kind glass art pieces.

How does being a Hoosier impact your work?

Being a Hoosier impacts my are due to the motivation from other local artists and being a part of a community that appreciates the beauty of all art.

What else about yourself or your work would you like to share? 

I would like to share that I continue to grow in different facets of glass and am always coming up with new designs and ideas to offer my clients.  I think keeping up with trends and style will help me to always please people that do have an eye for art and can truly appreciate my one of kind creations.  Over the years, I have been inspired to make jewelry, plate ware, silverware, serving ware, light fixtures (i.e. pendants, sconces), wedding gifts (i.e. monogrammed pieces, name plates, table markers), wall art, and dichroic glass beads.