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“I have already touched a lot of lives instructing and doing thousands of demonstrations showing off this medium.  I am 36 and I still have a lot time to in my life to teach people how wonderful this medium is to work in.  My goal is to get more and more studios around so I will keep on giving away any information that I have about creating in this wonderful medium.”

At the Indianapolis Art Center, Matt instructs most of the glass classes offered.  He has a studio (#050) at the Harrison Center in downtown Indianapolis.  He also provides classes, lessons, and demonstrations at GRT Glass Design, the only other hot shop in Indianapolis.  He is proud to represent each location. “I teach anyone above the age of 10 in how to blow glass and that is what I am best at, keeping people  safe in the hot shop.”


A quick interview with Matt:
How many years have you been working in your craft?  

I started taking classes at the Indianapolis Art Center in 1998.  I have been blowing glass for 15 years.  I have been instructing for 8 years

 How did you get started and what prompted you to begin?

I thought it would be a cool medium to work in and i was right, so I kept creating in glass. I work in metal, wood, jewelry, ceramics and anything else I can get my hands on, but glass is the best!!

What about your craft inspires you? 

The endless possibilities that this liquid medium can do.  I can create anything I want(more like anything I can control) I just have to figure out how to create what I envision.

What makes your work authentic and original?

I went to Herron School of Art to get a BFA in Furniture Design and I like to mix my heavily carved wood sculptures with my glass.  I will get into more woodworking the more tools I buy.  I am more focused on glass since I don’t have a wood studio to work out of right now.

How does being a Hoosier impact your work? 

There is not very many places in the country that someone can become a glassblower just off the street. Then Indianapolis Art Center is a wonderful place since it caters to kids as well adults.  I have a wonderful connection to the place since I started there and I have worked my way up to becoming the head of the glass studio. Last year I won the Faculty of the Year award and I have to be honest I am a much better instructor in this medium than I am a practicing artist.  I am working on becoming more professional so that I can create a business for myself instead of just being and instructor.

What else about yourself or your work would you like to share? 

I have a portable glass studio that I can bring to any event to share the wonders and educate the public in this awesome medium .  I would love any assistance in trying to get the word out that I have a mobile glass unit for any event, art fair, team building exercise.  I don’t have any events lined up this year, but I have brought it to the Indianapolis Art Center one year, Dunkirk Glass Festival, Chautauqua down in Madison last year and a few other events.  I would love to discuss any detail if you want to learn more about the Indianapolis Art Center or my business.

Thanks so much for your interest in glass,

Matt Kenyon