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“The meaning of my art is simple:  to impart joy. I want people to be drawn to the colors, the textures, the reflections of light …and perhaps smile.”

Nancy Keating is a 25 year Carmel resident and graduate of Indiana University. She discovered her passion for mosaics in 1997 and began her mosaic journey. Ms. Keating has since worked with tradesmen and professional tile installers to gain technical expertise. Intensive training at the Institute of Mosaic Art in Oakland, California has honed her artistic technique and mosaic craftsmanship.  Notably, Ms. Keating studied under renowned mosaic artists, including Laurel True and Isaiah Zagar. Ms. Keating’s mosaic style is heavily influenced by her travels in the U.S. and abroad and she finds particular inspiration in the brightly colored mosaics of Antonio Gaudi of Barcelona, Spain.

Her mosaic style is contemporary and marked by the festive use of vibrant colors, reflective textures and an occasional touch of whimsy.  She works in her local studio and has created countless mosaic pieces, including public works of art and architectural residential installations. Her works can be found at ArtSplash Gallery in the Carmel Arts and Design District, area juried art shows and on her website.

A quick interview with Nancy:

1. How many years have you been working in your craft?

15 years

2. How did you get started and what prompted you to begin ?

My original mosaic work was mixed media, using mainly ceramic and found objects. Then I discovered a treasure so near to me- Kokomo Op Glass!  My mosaic direction shifted over time to include original fine art glass mosaic.

3. What about your craft inspires you?

Light, color and reflection!   Also there are no hard fast rules in this medium. I am free to imagine and create anything.

4. What makes your work authentic and original?

My work combines intense colored opalescent and iridescent glass with mirror and Van Gogh glass. I love to re-purpose / re-cycle by creating original mosaic art with old vintage toasters, coffee perculators or waffle irons.

5. How does being a Hoosier impact your work?

I am a lifelong Hoosier and IU grad. My careers over the years have focused on visual presentation, from visual merchandising design to my current work as a full time mosaic artist.

I also teach mosaic art classes in the Carmel Arts and Design District. I love sharing the joy of creativity with my fellow Hoosiers.

6. What else about yourself or your work would you like to share?

I work in contemporary mosaic glass art for joy. The process of seeing in my mind all the pieces and parts, the colors and textures, the shapes and movement and bringing this mosaic of ideas all together in my art makes me happy.

I want people to be drawn to the colors, the textures, the reflections of light and feel happy too.