Seth Bickis

Jefferson County

Jefferson County
Made With Fire Etsy
Flameworked borosilicate glass
Festivals, Galleries, Etsy

“I work mainly in borosilicate glass which has amazing properties in clarity, strength, and function. I have been working with a technique described as a compression where it allows me to compose beautiful floral’s with depth, clarity, and precision.”

Seth Bickis says he was bitten by the fire and, while that sounds like a bad thing, he quickly follows with “I have been hooked on glasswork ever since.”  Those who have seen Seth’s work agree that’s a good thing.

Looking for an artistic outlet to pursue on his own, Seth bought a flamework torch and materials in 2006.  “I have always had an interest in glass,” he said.  “Flameworking glass is completely hands on, and from my perspective it’s one of the most exciting art forms today.”

In his work, Seth uses many techniques to achieve different layers, colors and effects as well as designs and products. “I sometimes imitate but never duplicate,” he said.  “I feel the time I take to make the best glass I can shows in every piece that leaves my studio.  I feel every time I am in the studio I am evolving not only as an artist but as a person.”

Seth’s work focuses on representing the natural world, the outdoors, and he is particularly focused on floral designs. “Utilizing a torch, I melt clear and colored glass rods and bring life into a small piece of glass. I work mainly in borosilicate glass,” he said.  “It has amazing properties that are best suited for the technique I follow, described as a compression.”

The combination of the borosilicate glass properties and Seth’s technique result in beautiful florals with depth, clarity and precision.  “As I continue working with this technique, I will learn more ways to build as well as increase the complexity of the design.  I’m always striving for a more precise and immaculate finish,” he said.

Living in Madison, Seth considers himself fortunate to have such an in-depth exposure to the arts. He credits the community for his launch and ongoing success, and he says he is privileged to work alongside and see the work of the many craftsmen in the southern Indiana town long known for its comprehensive art scene.  “With all the festivals and area artisans, the influence here has given me the opportunity and vision to become an artisan myself,” he said.  “I have no doubt that I will always find new barriers to break, and I will continue to develop my studio here, utilizing more time working and expanding my understanding of glass.”