Susan DeLong

Tippecanoe County

Susan DeLong
Stained Glass
In Studio

Susan DeLong says she was called to work in stained glass, and clearly she was.  Four years of classes turned into 40 years in business for the Lafayette-based glass artist.  “I took some stained glass classes in Indianapolis,” said the owner of Kaleidoscope Stained Glass, “and I felt I was ready to open a business.”  In 1974 she did just that, and Susan has continued to take classes as her company has continued to take places of honor in the stained glass world.

“Most of my work is custom glass made specifically for my customers.  I listen closely to what they’re envisioning and then create a design with their ideas in mind,” Susan said.  As you can imagine, churches looking for beautiful window installations are among her primary customers, but Susan’s work is part of scores of commercial and residential structures.  “I love the feeling of peace and accomplishment I get when I enter a church sanctuary where we have done all the stained glass windows,” she said.  “That comes from the creativity of turning different colors of glass into works that please and inspire others.”

Susan’s inspiration to be a glass artist came after college.  Born and raised in Indiana, she attended Purdue and studied animal science.  “But I felt called to work in stained glass,” she said.  “I have been very fortunate to work in what I love.”

Susan credits word-of-mouth as her best source of promotion.  “The people I have worked with have been friendly, trusting and appreciative.  They have told others about my work and kept me in business,” she said.  “I get great satisfaction from people trusting me to create a work of art for them.”