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Visit Richmond!

Glasswork of Interest in Wayne County
Stained Glass Trail – Richmond. Four sites within a five block area. The Reid Memorial                      Presbyterian Church is awe-inspiring with its interior and 62 windows designed by                      Louis Comfort Tiffany. The trail also includes First Presbyterian Church, St. Paul’s Episcopal                      Church and Morrison-Reeves Public Library
• Double Head Trading Company – Cambridge City has a large display of jars. Marty Truxel, owner,                      has been told he has the largest collection anywhere. Jessica Nunemaker with Little Indiana                      agrees . . . “When I say “biggest collection of jars I’ve ever seen” please do not take that                      statement lightly. I’ve been to a lot of Indiana towns and a whole lot of antique shops found                      within them. Here there was a room full of jars, many of them by Ball, in all sorts of shades.                      Some possess unique (and very old) lids. These went from floor to ceiling on two giant                      shelving units. There were more jars located underneath the counter, too!”